A Fist Called Wanda 49, Stockholm Roller Derby
A. Crusher 414, Gothenburg Roller Derby
Abba den snabba 555, Ume Radical Rollers
Ace of Payne 4 of a Kind Sun, City Roller Girls
AlcohRollic 69, Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
All-in 31, Gothenburg Roller Derby
Alotta Riot 40, Crime City Rollers
Ana-kill Skyroller 163, The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Angie Action 17, Gothenburg Roller Derby
AnnaSheDidn’t 595, Stockholm Roller Derby
Arty Farty 08:05, Gothenburg Roller Derby
Assassin Smackaround 96, The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Babara Barfight 101, Crime City Rollers
Babe Ballistic 11, The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Baby Sheegoth F23, Slobber Knockers (Gävle)
Bang-on 10 Ume Radical Rollers
BangHer Hard 1 Sun City Roller Girls
Barbara Barfight 101 Crime City Rollers
Becky Lawless 8 Stockholm Roller Derby
Belgian Bob 88 Crime City Rollers
Bess Irv-Cold Labatt 50 Stockholm Roller Derby
Blackblocker 666 Crime City Rollers
Blondie Deadhead 112 Crime City Rollers
Blood Countess 1300 Stockholm Roller Derby
Bloody Charlie 75 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Bobicat X3 Crime City Rollers
Bomb Twist Baby 5678s Gothenburg Roller Derby
Bonnie Balboa 03:03 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Bonnie Clash 800 Crime City Rollers
Boss Fight 95+ Crime City Rollers
Brawln Brewja 747 Sun City Roller Girls
Bruised /Linda/ Lee 82 Ume Radical Rollers
Brutal Bambi XXL Crime City Rollers
Burning October 8 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Butch Crashidy 18 Crime City Rollers
Butch-her 480 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Carey Heartless 601 Sun City Roller Girls
Carmeana Carrera 1-900 Sun City Roller Girls
CaRollin 7987 Ume Radical Rollers
Cat von Hurt 112 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Chev Chelios 3 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Combat Cupcake 1 Gothenburg Roller Derby
COMMANDER! 2 Sun City Roller Girls
Coral Fang 65 Ume Radical Rollers
Coucou Khan Retired 1/23/14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Coup de Cas 42 Crime City Rollers
Crash Cuntess 496 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Crashtest Dolly 34 Stockholm Roller Derby
Cuata Hell 03-jan Sun City Roller Girls
Cuata Phuck 03-mar Sun City Roller Girls
Cunterstrike 26 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Curly H��r 100 Crime City Rollers
CurVicious Chaos 7 Crime City Rollers
Cut-Ya 50 ft Crime City Rollers
Da Fisty 38 Crime City Rollers
Darth HeadWrecker DL-44 Stockholm Roller Derby
Defused Madness 83 BPM Gothenburg Roller Derby
Diva Blatira 33 Stockholm Roller Derby
Divanova B5 Jackdaw City Rollers
Dolly D’Fence 88 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Dolly No Pardon 925 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Dominhoe 8 Crime City Rollers
Dr. Peach von Punch 3.14A Gothenburg Roller Derby
Drop Kicker 99 Crime City Rollers
Dude Law REF Gothenburg Roller Derby
Dusty Minefield 808 Crime City Rollers
Elbows McCrackin� 21 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Emma Ryssfemma 5 mg Stockholm Roller Derby
Enya Ass 12 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Evil De Nets 26 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Fenix Fortsomfan 180km/h Crime City Rollers
Fierce Foureyes 28 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Final Cunt Down 321 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Firebird Steele 68 Crime City Rollers
Fistfucker 38 Crime City Rollers
Fittbull Terrier 2965 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Fluke Skywalker Red 5 Stockholm Roller Derby
Forrest Bump 6×7 Ume Radical Rollers
Foxy Fistfight 12 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Fraulein F. Reckless 11 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Fraz 77 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Freaky Friday 8 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Free da Fiction 213 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Frida Krueger 915 Sun City Roller Girls
Frigg in Fury B0 Crime City Rollers
Froken Smacky 85 Crime City Rollers
Girl Interrupted 0h Stockholm Roller Derby
Glamazona Killalot 84 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
GoGo Rillah 5 Crime City Rollers
Gruesome Action Retired 1/23/14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Gumbat 15 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
H8 y’all REF The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Hank� Gothenburg Roller Derby
Happy Army 217 Crime City Rollers
Hard’ass-ice 354 Stockholm Roller Derby
Harley Hither…B 929 Sun City Roller Girls
Heavenly Hellena 26 Helltown Hellcats
Hell n desTroy 24 Stockholm Roller Derby
Hildoria Euphoria 7 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Holy Bomb 81 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Hostile Housewife 35 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Husslnsane 747 Stockholm Roller Derby
Hyper Nova 56ni Stockholm Roller Derby
I am AssCracker 12 Crime City Rollers
Innhercunt 27 Ume Radical Rollers
Insana Scully 11 Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
It’s Aliva! 4 Stockholm Roller Derby
Jacken 73 Crime City Rollers
Jager Junkie 2 Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Jalapeno PopHer 66 Sun City Roller Girls
Jazz Ass 6 Stockholm Roller Derby
Jender Bender Ref Stockholm Roller Derby
Jenny Dötz 7 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
JJ Fury 159 Crime City Rollers
Jo Evil Eye 925 Crime City Rollers
Joe Rout REF Stockholm Roller Derby
John D’oh! REF Stockholm Roller Derby
Josi 55 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
JP 37 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Juana la Loca 20 Stockholm Roller Derby
Jude O’Wantis 6 Sun City Roller Girls
Julie Jet 44 Gothenburg Roller Derby
K-Hell 38:08:00 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Kalasjnikov Kristie 7,62 Stockholm Roller Derby
Kamrat Kobra 0 Crime City Rollers
Karrcrash 2000mph Gothenburg Roller Derby
Kat Strator 12 Stockholm Roller Derby
Katapult Kitten 21 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Kickass unicorn 66 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Kiss Maj-ass 3 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Kitsch Bitch 25 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Kitty Comeback 9 Stockholm Roller Derby
Kitty Violent 14 Crime City Rollers
Kix DeVille 90 Stockholm Roller Derby
Kneebender 999 Crime City Rollers
Kniv-Mia 61 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Kommisar Killjoy Crime City Rollers
Krille Kriminell 777 Stockholm Roller Derby
Lady Lynch 7 Sun City Roller Girls
Lady Mama’laid 69 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
LadyLovelyBlocks 8 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Lasertits Crime City Rollers
Lipsmacker Lucy 144 Ume Radical Rollers
Locko Liz 19 Crime City Rollers
Loco Monkey 15 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Long Arm of the Law Ref Gothenburg Roller Derby
Lottie B. Bad 12 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Lucky Prime 3 Stockholm Roller Derby
LuckyJinx 24-jul The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Lucy Sky Demon 24 Crime City Rollers
Luna Smashgood 5 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Mad Fish 24 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Mad Maloony 79 Stockholm Roller Derby
Malice Wonderpunch 106 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Mama Hell Razor 0 Sun City Roller Girls
Mama Soho 24-jul Crime City Rollers
Masoquista 666 Sun City Roller Girls
Meanfeldt 187 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Melancholy Death 5.O Gothenburg Roller Derby
Mess d’Upp 12:22 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Mighty Mountie REF Crime City Rollers
Milky Madne$$ 210 Stockholm Roller Derby
Milli Marshmallow 27 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Million Dollar Bill 44 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Million Holler Baby 1000K Crime City Rollers
Misfit Kitteh 11 Stockholm Roller Derby
Miss Collision Retired 1/23/14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Miss Cookie Hoe 69 1/2 Crime City Rollers
Miss Double Nature 22 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Miss eat me beat me 242 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Misse Madskillz 858 Crime City Rollers
Misse Meltdown 858 Crime City Rollers
Misty ”Muffa” Muffdivah 9 Crime City Rollers
Mitsu Bloodmore 382 Sun City Roller Girls
Modesty Blast 109 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Moon Howler 127 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Mrs. Knuckles 138 Ume Radical Rollers
Mrs. Rajt_n Shay__n 666 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Musfallan Mary 19 Stockholm Roller Derby
My Little Wino 33 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Naez T Bird 9 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Nosh RedStripes A42 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Nuclear Nancy 75 Crime City Rollers
Numb Her 23 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Obnoxious Li 69 Gothenburg Roller Derby
OffTrack REF Crime City Rollers
Ol’Chris 44 Crime City Rollers
One woman army 621 Gothenburg Roller Derby
OneTease 18 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Only 1 1 Stockholm Roller Derby
Ophelia Fierce 42 Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Packman (REF) Crime City Rollers
Panic Pilot 98 Stockholm Roller Derby
Patty From The Block 421 Brilliant Gothenburg Roller Derby
Pinchi Sweetcheeks 22 Sun City Roller Girls
Pink Pony XPR5 Crime City Rollers
Pirate Legs 83 Crime City Rollers
Polly Phenolic -273,15 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Polly Piston 637 Sun City Roller Girls
Polly Pralin 9 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Polygamy Winehouse 0 Stockholm Roller Derby
Psycho Vixen 34 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Purple Nurple Retired 1/23/14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Quaddess O’Payne 77 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Rackarungen 69 Crime City Rollers
Razorbelle 222 Crime City Rollers
Red E Krueger 715 Stockholm Roller Derby
Ribcrasher 34 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Roaring Totta 138 bpm Gothenburg Roller Derby
Robo Boogie 101 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Roffe 15 Stockholm Roller Derby
Rolling Avalanche 79 Stockholm Roller Derby
Rollosaurus Flex 7 Gothenburg Roller Derby
RToBeatU 7 Helltown Hellcats
Ruby McMorbid 129 Ume Radical Rollers
Rude Veritas 77 Gothenburg Roller Derby
RudeAss Beast 3.14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Sandy DeLuxe Crime City Rollers
Sandy Sabretooth 6 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Selma Bash 21-21 Ume Radical Rollers
Shaynawhite Jawbreaker 12 Crime City Rollers
She Lay Picosa 36-26 Sun City Roller Girls
Sin*D Klauber 1*11 Sun City Roller Girls
Sister Stitch 2 Crime City Rollers
Skumrask 142 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Slayla K got 2 get Gothenburg Roller Derby
Sleaze Machine 42 Stockholm Roller Derby
Smarta Dolores 41 Crime City Rollers
Smashed, not strrd 7 Stockholm Roller Derby
Sneaky bastard 42 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Speed Slut 55 Stockholm Roller Derby
Star Daze 9 Sun City Roller Girls
Stiff Kitten 21 Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
StreetCat 8 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Strimlaren 13 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Styggsnygg 42 Ume Radical Rollers
Swede Hurt 46 Stockholm Roller Derby
Sweet Child O’Crime 33 Sun City Roller Girls
Tacky Dolphin 69 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Tacky Tracktor 245 Crime City Rollers
Tatanka 10 Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Tess the Mess 67 Stockholm Roller Derby
Texas Jumble 16 Gothenburg Roller Derby
The Atomic Ant 74 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Thunder Honey 26 Crime City Rollers
Titsy Tooni 6 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Titty Tat 38D Sun City Roller Girls
Tjutet 1337 Crime City Rollers
Toxic Waist 14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Twist’d T 47 Stockholm Roller Derby
U-Go Grrrl Retired 1/23/14 Stockholm Roller Derby
Ulven 247 Ume Radical Rollers
V-Doll Slashsoon V05 Sun City Roller Girls
VampiRollah 8 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Venga Roll 22 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Venomous Sting’Her D700 Sun City Roller Derby
Venomous Violet Snake Eyes 11 Crime City Rollers
Venonous Sting’Her D700 Sun City Roller Girls
Vera Calavera 111 Stockholm Roller Derby
Vicious Kali 138 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Villain Villa 333 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Vix Viking 13 Crime City Rollers
War War Binks 1337 Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Warden Ramsey 14 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Whiz Tailor 23 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Wickedy Spliff 420 Gothenburg Roller Derby
Witty Vega 25 Ume Radical Rollers
Y Que Kula 02-jan Sun City Roller Girls
Youth Inasia 67 Sun City Roller Girls
Zoolou Sabotage 941 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby



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  1. visit my homepage

    Nice post. I’m checking out consistently this web site and i am astounded! Very useful details specially the final portion 🙂 My spouse and i handle such information a good deal. I became looking for this type of facts for your very prolonged time period. Appreciate it and greatest involving success.

  2. Paina

    Het, du har ju missat alla spelare i Västerås Roller Derby!

    1. Paina

      Hey* inte het… Vi heter Crazy Jazey, Hellshit Murphy, Laced & Quadfused, Majo Face Crush-her, Meanie Mischievous, Mollytov Cocktail, Paina Colada, Red Handed Tjuuvas, Sheena Shameless. she-Lock Holmes, Sling Rave Curvette, Susie Sealbasher, The Incredible Fox, True Von De Vil, YippieeCajjoo och Yolo.

      1. Apan satt i granen

        Hej hej!

        Tack för din kommentar, listan är lång ifrån färdig. Ni ska inte känna er dissade, har bara inte kommit längre.
        Men snart så.

        Hälsningar Anna.

  3. anna

    Och nu såg jag det här bara för att Paina hade kommenterat, vi i Norrköping finns inte heller med. Vi heter (tyvärr inte i bokstavsordning)
    Anja Knees, Wasseline, Lady Zissou, Queerella D’evil, Smockahontas, Molotova, The Shotinator, Queen Jezzibelle, Kir’o Wrecker, Katla, Chiquita Chaser, Pinwheel Pumpkin, Camicaze, Brickwall Joanie, Thea Thunder, Kerstin Köttkvarn, Billie B Bad, Prima Derbyrina, Little Red Riot, Curly Snake, Speedline. Tillkommer några fler inom kort!


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