Göteborg Gothenburg Roller Derby

We are

…a mix of ladies in all ages, shapes and sizes with a passion for Roller derby.

Gothenburg Roller Derby has been a Swedish registered team since august 2009. We started off with a crew of 5 girls with a passion for rolling and a will to build a league in Gothenburg. During the first year we grew from 5 to 30 members. Still the interest for the sport is high and more and more girls keep coming in.

The biggest concern for the club is the availability and range of training facilities to practice in. The goal is to one day have a skating facility of our own where we can welcome our fellow derby teams in Sweden to scrimmages and contests. The club is skater-operated with women at all posts of the board, whom all share a strong passion for the game.

If you like the game and want to roll with us, get in touch!!


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